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strange hat

i'm desperately looking for some sort of employment in brussels
so i could fund my internship at a museum i really want to work for
:( i haven't had any luck so far :(
i wish i knew how to speak dutch or french
that seems to be a main problem
i wish there was an official language in the world called art or music
it's kind of universal isn't it
and it's better for communication anyway
language is sometimes so inadequate
if only i knew what to say

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crazy pig

"i wish there was an official language in the world called art or music"- that's a great though! I think it is a language, it its own, quiet way...
And good luck for finding the employment! You can draw so well that every museum should have its door opened for you <3


Nice quote! :)
Well, I do speak dutch, because I live in the Netherlands since I'm alive :)
I still love your drawings, they're so pretty!
Don't want to interfere, but is there something simple you want me to translate? Just contact me on ;)

Love, Lisa


crazypig, you're too nice really! i'm actually applying for more curatorial/art management sort of jobs at the museum.. i just want to work somewhere surrounded by so much ideas and energy and beauty!

Lisa, that's really sweet! But no, I don't have anything to translate at the moment, it's just that i've been sending out applications but because of my lack of dutch/french knowledge it's making my choices very limited and opportunities very few.. :(


Love the melancholic feel in this picture. you have such a lovely talent dear! Thank you for sharing it. xx

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