rainy days.
my 11.11.11 has been quite dreadful.
and i found out a drawing of mine is missing.

days like these make me want to just hide
from the world.
but, i shall refrain from being overdramatic.
i remember reading a margaret atwood piece
about drawings and writings forming a tent
in which we could seek solace.

this is probably what i've always been doing.
there are times when it is not enough.

on to happier things!
i came back from a trip to hongkong recently.
I loved it! 
for the food and the shopping (of course)
and spending time with the boy..

the best part of the trip is finding things like these
in the midst of antiques and second hand paraphernalia
on an antique street near soho.
to be honest, i'm fascinated with shunga
of course the japanese art form ukiyo-e in general
is really inspiring.
but shunga, is really quite something...


here's an interview fever avenue did with me in october.
it's absolutely too kind. thank you tammi x

there's plans for an exhibition 
coming up real soon...!

i will keep you lovely people informed
once i get more details.

again, i will TRY to blog more
draw more
live a little better.


for you.


her hair is silver with
tints of lavender.
she has such a cool style
i'm positively in love!


i have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping
like a bear in hibernation.
i can't wait for wednesday
when i'll finally see the boy again.


love the way she mixes colours and prints!
her dressing makes me happy
makes me think of weekends
and ice cream


day after day
i'm getting rather exhausted
of life in a cubicle.


i needed something to cheer me up 
because it's another blue monday..

sadness / happiness

recently i went to catch a lykke li gig!
she was amazing and she wore a really nice trench coat-dress.
i love this song of hers from her most recent album..


also, I had the honour of being featured on the August issue of  CATALOG magazine!
(check out page 44) 

i know i'm really late in posting about this.. 
busy panda busy zoo
my friend izzy is also on there and it's nice to be featured alongside her intricate embroideries!
i have a fondness for mix media works
so her talent in combining embroidery with fashion illustrations 
touches a soft spot in my panda heart~

the very very lovely elisa from We Are Drifters has also done a feature of me here!
now you know my human name.. but it's only a name
that which we call a rose
by any other panda would smell as sweet ;)
i'm a big fan of her beautifully designed and well-curated website of young artists,

finally, (i know this entry is getting looong),
the fashionable girls of pixiekrane did an interview with me here!
read the interview to find out about my artistic inspirations.
i made a visual mix tape with 
my favourite paintings, and music that goes along with them!

everyone has been really sweet
sweeter than sugar cane (do you know pandas eat sugar cane too?)
so there are more collaborations in the midst
i'll share the news soon..

meanwhile, sleep well and dress however you feel like it!



I wanted my hair to look like kiko's
in the end, it looked


oh well...

updated my lifestyle blog with this drawing
i did when i was bored at work

hope you all had an okay monday!
and it's the mid autumn festival,
let's look out of our windows
and stare at the moon for a bit...


one of my favourite local bloggers
i've always admired how she combines femininity with edginess
and she makes really wicked jewellery!

nicole of NC WONG

also, i came across this artist yolanda dominguez, she stages happenings or "livings" in ordinary situations or environments. i love the way she subverts convention by placing them in an entirely foreign context..
this one is fashion related.. i was trying to stifle my uncontrollable giggling in the office!


mm mustard..
ah and the weekend is over again
can't wait for my MAUS graphic novel and marquez book to arrive
i want to escape i want to dream..


clever play with transparent layers
what a great idea for the weather here!

Maria of vanilla scented
(i drew her before, here!)

the future

I admire her style so much!
She combines minimalism with a touch of avant garde so flawlessly.

josefin of fashion sphere

also, i've set up a new blog for my sketches,
they're mainly sketches of places around me.. random things that make me smile
random sketches when i'm waiting
random sketches when i'm thinking..

you can follow them here!


and i'm back!
here's a song i always go to, to make myself feel better

brussels was a really great two months
i have to start drawing drawing drawing again!
i'm going to set up a tumblr site for my random sketches
of life and what not..
will post the link soon!

and hello to my new followers! 
thank you for dropping by :)
i promise i will update this more often!


I am not dead yet.

Hello hello,

It's been awhile. I have been drawing, albeit slowly and non-fashion related. 
I have been travelling and I have been dreaming. I will be back soon, and I will post some stuff,
some personal drawings and sketches if you're interested
and of course, a fashion drawing or two.

But I will be back by the end of august. 
Sorry it's been awhile.



last collab with la mode outre

hi from brussels!


another collab with la mode outre

a few more days before brussels..
kind of reticent.

birds & leaves

some bold prints to brighten up the day!

my reclusion from the world (haha just having a strange skin problem not knowing if it's contagious or not and having to stay at home) has inspired me to get out and exercise when i'm well..
i'm going back to skateboarding!
or more like longboarding. I can't wait to get a longboard!
and surf the gravel slopes outside. ahhh

and here's a really mindblowing piece of music


hello summer!
i'm dreaming of waffles, beer and music festivals!
being surrounded by art
lots and lots of it
and music all day
all night!

but now, i am down with some mild case of chicken pox or shingles
or something.. :\
an excuse to keep my hands busy with drawing
instead of scratching!


another collab with la mode outre !
love the texture and length of her cropped jacket
and her cropped hair makes her look so impish!

in other news, work has been CRAZYYY
but the arts festival is winding down to an end soon
which means more time for drawing and painting!
and.. exciting news...

i'll be in brussels on june 22!!
recommend me some shops to go to or belgian streetstyle sites? ;)

i have lots of ideas for projects! now just fingers crossed


put on some shades and grab a flower

this will be the first drawing of my collaboration with la mode outre,
a blogger featuring singaporean street style.
i've always admired his eye for such great style 
on the sweltering singapore streets!

fashion in film I

Have you ever watched a film
and marveled at the art direction and wardrobe of the characters?
i know i have!
any guess on where these stills i have chosen came from?

if you fall asleep down by the water

guess who's in town?


sorry everyone, been really busy with work
preparing for the grand opening of the singapore arts festival!
i got the chance to watch this production by ishinha, 
that had the most brilliant sets
built against the backdrop of the singapore skyline..

they timed the performance to coincide with dusk and when the sun started setting
and the sky was aglow
and the buildings began to lit up 
the performance started.
it was almost magical!
it almost.. just almost made me fall in love with this place...
but more often than not, it makes me think of where i want to be instead (haha)

i also had the chance of meeting HURTS again!
my first encounter with them was in a'dam, i drew theo too, here.
this time i got to talk to adam and theo for a bit.
adam was very nice, i like him :>

the exhibition at the pigeonhole is ending soon
so catch it while you can.
thank you so much to desiree for featuring my weekend on the strait times.
dankuwel :)

lots of things are ending soon,
my gig at the singapore arts fest for example..
with that, i hope new and good things
would begin.

One More Day!

I wanted to make five exclusive drawings never posted on this blog
for the exhibition
but i was too exhausted...
i only made three..
my hands are actually weak

but you will not regret it, seeing it in person ;)

so come down and chill out with panda!
there's going to be great music
a good friend has so nicely agreed to make an aceee playlist for opening night

if i'm really sleepy on that night
please excuse me
i'm only thinking.


the ubiquitous hipster eyewear
but i believe on the right face shape
on the right man
it will be just perfect


no words only love!


terribly hot weather!
need a haircut!
should i go short?

sorry i haven't been posting much
still trying to get used to the whole work/drawing balance.
i sound like i'm propagating some new health standard

and here's a great song!
to the stupid boys out there who don't know what they're missing. (haha)


clementine of clementine levy

love the polkadot shirt 
and the way she folded her cuffs over her leather jacket
and she has the loveliest face
i just had to draw her

the weather has been dreadfully hot
and uninspiring lately
i want to travel again!

but first, lots of work to do..
lots of paintings to complete.. 


work life means a change of wardrobe..
or maybe not
trying to incorporate work appropriate clothes
into my wardrobe and yet keeping some of my style


made another drawing of susie bubble again
because i really love this outfit of hers
all the patterns and the flowy pants
look like ink drops dancing in water
so nice!

started a job(yes like a respectable deskbound one) two days ago
and i'm so beat!
i hope i will continue to push myself to draw or paint
every day
as much as i want to be a "professional" artist
it is simply impossible here.
the other day i was walking to work and
i started having all these ideas for a comic
and i had all these images and colours in my head
i got really excited about it.. 
it was a dream of mine to publish my own graphic novel
alas, i never got to work on it....

i really really hope
one day i will get to draw and paint
and live off it.

modern age

I've got some news to share
The Pigeonhole has very kindly collaborated with me to host The Modern Age exhibition, my very first solo show!

as you might know, i'm currently based in Singapore
and so all my Singaporean readers and lovers of fashion and illustration alike can come see these drawings in person. :)
I'll make some works that are never shown on this blog before,
so do come down to check it out and say hi

it's going to be fun and i might be prowling for inspirational fun outfits
who knows i might draw you next! 

i'm tempted to bring sophie and koen along! but maybe it won't be too good an idea...

you could repost this poster on your blogs, tumblrs, facebook
here's the facebook event page
help promote and i hope to see you there!


more leopard prints
and the cutest sailor outfit

Trini of Trini-g


Carolina of Fashion Squad

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