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short break.

Dear all,
thank you so much for all the compliments and comments.
I need to take a short hiatus from drawing
I'll be back with an exciting new project, a collaboration
but for now, 
there are lots of things
that needs figured out
i hope i'll find new strength new inspiration
i miss frida a lot
and i miss

how does one deal with loss
i started this blog for one
do we really lose things people feelings so easily
or are they just shoved to the back of our minds
and sometimes the smallest thing
can let it all out again
i'm sorry.
i'll be back.

ps, for those who have always wanted a drawing done of them,
i've received your requests, i've bookmarked your sites. if i can't find anything i want to draw of your outfits, i'll draw something you like from your blog and dedicate it to you. i'll be back with that too. i think everyone deserves to be happy.

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you're too good for this world!


Wow, your drawings are amazing! You have a talent!
I'm following you. xx

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