costello ♪ ♫

this drawing is for the boy
his favourite musician :)



More of my runway fall/winter favourites
and this man, his face is exquisite.
and it's monday, again..
these days it's easy to lose track of time.


something coloured
to brighten up your days!

today the mailman delivered this
dankuwel bamboetje  ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
something very special is coming your way too :)

anyway i'm curious.. what are your favourites from fashion week?
i'm hoping to draw more looks from the runway!


lace and jewels
so gorgeous
i am breathless with wonder!

jason wu f/w

fashion week

these are looks I really love!
and this alexander wang dress..
you have no idea how much i want it!!


once i saw the exact same pair of shoes
and i tried it on and it was marvelous!
However, somehow, i was still indecisive on whether to get it
so i hid it behind some other shoes, since it was the last pair left..
finally when i kept thinking about it
and knew that i absolutely have to have it
the whole store restocked and rearranged all their products in the shoe section..
that one and only shoe was never to be found again.

story of my life.
anyway i love what she's wearing!
simple casual 
perfect for the extreme heat now
(sorry to my readers shivering in the cold!
trust me, i'm jealous of you.)

adeline of adeline rapon


the cut of her jacket
and the shape of her dress
makes her one very stylish lady indeed


jumpsuit + leather jacket
so good!!!


what i'm coveting,
the leopard print handbag!
the cut of her coat!
she makes simple converse shoes look chic too

yesterday I helped out with the styling in a photo shoot
of a label that i love
the pictures are looking so great!
i can't wait to draw some of the outfits!

Sabrina of Afterdrk


same accessory
different looks

really love the tattered jeans in the first one
with the polka dot socks!
and the oversized cable knit sweater in the second one!

something i wonder,
if you have a boyfriend/guy friend/brother/dad, 
what would you steal from his wardrobe?


sometimes accessories can get too much
that i feel like a clothes hanger or a jewellery stand
she does it just right i think!
and i'm going to learn how to tie a turban like her!

i've been feeling a little listless..
times like these i miss frida the most
it hits the hardest when i'm lonely
she used to watch me draw and she would try
to put her paw into it and help me too!
without her, it feels quite empty. 
sometimes you just need someone something to draw for.

Aimee of song of style


a ginger haired boy
for the chinese new year!
loving his parka and his doc martens


part of Acne's new S/S collection
this will probably be what i'd want to wear
for all these rainy days.
recently i got a nice pair of leather shorts
and i'm getting a really simple basic
without any frills sort of shorts tailored for myself!


a talented girl who makes stuff!
really love her simple but stylish monochromatic dressing
and of course i'll always have a soft spot for dutch people!


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