clementine of clementine levy

love the polkadot shirt 
and the way she folded her cuffs over her leather jacket
and she has the loveliest face
i just had to draw her

the weather has been dreadfully hot
and uninspiring lately
i want to travel again!

but first, lots of work to do..
lots of paintings to complete.. 


work life means a change of wardrobe..
or maybe not
trying to incorporate work appropriate clothes
into my wardrobe and yet keeping some of my style


made another drawing of susie bubble again
because i really love this outfit of hers
all the patterns and the flowy pants
look like ink drops dancing in water
so nice!

started a job(yes like a respectable deskbound one) two days ago
and i'm so beat!
i hope i will continue to push myself to draw or paint
every day
as much as i want to be a "professional" artist
it is simply impossible here.
the other day i was walking to work and
i started having all these ideas for a comic
and i had all these images and colours in my head
i got really excited about it.. 
it was a dream of mine to publish my own graphic novel
alas, i never got to work on it....

i really really hope
one day i will get to draw and paint
and live off it.

modern age

I've got some news to share
The Pigeonhole has very kindly collaborated with me to host The Modern Age exhibition, my very first solo show!

as you might know, i'm currently based in Singapore
and so all my Singaporean readers and lovers of fashion and illustration alike can come see these drawings in person. :)
I'll make some works that are never shown on this blog before,
so do come down to check it out and say hi

it's going to be fun and i might be prowling for inspirational fun outfits
who knows i might draw you next! 

i'm tempted to bring sophie and koen along! but maybe it won't be too good an idea...

you could repost this poster on your blogs, tumblrs, facebook
here's the facebook event page
help promote and i hope to see you there!


more leopard prints
and the cutest sailor outfit

Trini of Trini-g


Carolina of Fashion Squad

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