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have you heard The Strokes' new album?

I like this song!

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I love the Strokes! :)
You're the inspiration for my own drawings (i'm just a beginner but thanks to you (I think) I found the drawing-style that fits me), thanks for that.


hello jantine! aw that's super sweet of you. thank you so much :) and i saw one of your drawings, it's really nice! everyone can draw, that's what i believe. just be honest and it will show. :)

which song from the strokes is your favourite??


omgg i lobvve the strokes! i met jc:D and your drawings aree soooooo good, omggg like theyre amazing! you should totally draw julian casablancas!


Hey Mina! Maybe I will!! I have been thinking of drawing them! :) and so lucky! I just want to watch the strokes live! It'll tick off another of my bands-to-watch bucket list. :P

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