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Balmain f/w 11 12

I've realised that people come into your life for a reason
sometimes they're around to constantly remind you
of someone you can be
sometimes they come to help you to fulfill some aspect of your life
that has been inadequate or empty 
and sometimes they're just there to show you no matter who you are
they would love you and be there for you all the same.
and there are those who have done their part
and when it's time for them to go
we should accept their leaving
with grace.
and it's hard.. but there will always be others who are waiting to enter
others who will make your life that much more beautiful.

and i'd like to welcome two new friends into my heart


And yes, i am back. :)

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i love everything about this. <3




very nice sketch:), beautiful models, clothes and composition, i like it:)

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