i thought this editorial looked a little 
like gustav klimt paintings
so i had to draw them
i appreciate the beauty of bodies as much as clothes
this editorial portrayed it wonderfully

my next drawing will be someone from my followers!
so watch out for it


Elie Saab gown
so ethereal


awesome junya watanabe blazer
and the jacket too!

belt up

belt over oversized blazer
definitely a clever touch!

Vie héroïque

taking a break from regular programming
last night i watched the film Gainsbourg
and i fell in love with his charm and reckless audacity
also the song je t'aime moi non plus
must be the sexiest song ever
and i started watching old scopitones again
i really love the 60s!


I love this futuristic bra
So sexy and edgy at the same time
you like?


I love her dip-dyed hair!
and again, her style is impeccable

and here's a cute little drawing
done by my favourite boy :P
can you even vaguely guess what it's supposed to be?

well, i can't either. 



the coolest leather jacket-
pinstriped blazer hybrid
and he looks like a ninja!
a very fashionable one...
i would wear this too, actually.

new old

I know, i know
very excessive and decadent. 

she has the best vintage finds
her style is so casual and yet quirky


it's monday
but no need to feel blue, wear bright lipstick!
and turbans are such great hair accessories,
don't you think?

Marian of marian kihogo


a little bit scary,
i know.
and that is all for the weekend
have a good weekend everyone


it's actually an all-black outfit
i really like it.
wanted to draw the shoes (very nice shoes!) but the paper was too short (haha)
so there you have it,
far from perfect drawings but trying my best to capture some sort of beauty
like living life i guess.

kind of down today. 
listening to the national non stop.

Maria of Vanillascented


Recently I'm really intrigued by minimalism
Intrigue I guess is a strange word to use
especially when there is seemingly nothing much to look at.
But there's just something so starkly beautiful
about clean lines and clean shapes
and the slightest detail..

also looking forward to Elin Kling x H&M !!
I will sacrifice my bamboo for a piece
unfortunately I live somewhere far far away from any of the pieces
maybe I'll ask a nice boy I know to help me get something..


Hanneli of hanneli mustaparta

it's such a wonderful life

Today i dedicate this post to a dear friend of mine
who's completely obsessed with Theo Hutchcraft of HURTS
I remember watching HURTS and waiting for them backstage after the gig. 
It was brilliant by the way. Theo has this severe gentleman look down pat. and that cocky eyebrow...
but I didn't have a chance to talk to Theo,
the opera singer of the band and I exchanged some words instead.
and he's really friendly. I'm sure Theo & Adam are nice people too
Theo was trying to curb his smile throughout the gig
He was beaming and so thankful!
It was the first stop of their european tour afterall..

Here's to a great band with a great look!


a boy with flowers in his back pocket
so charming!
if only he was on my doorstep


two different girls
absolutely different styles
and different use of textures

wild cat

Have you heard Ratatat's Wildcat?
It's pretty brilliant. They're fantastic live too!
And I believe leopard print when used discerningly, 
looks really good.
My friend and I have an inside joke about leopard prints..
something to do with fruits too
but of course I don't mean fruits like the edible sort but a metaphor for something else..
and again I'm digressing. 
I think I'm terrible at writing fashion related blurbs,
I end up talking about irrelevant and nonsensical things
that you readers might get pissed off.
So I apologise. 

I do own a leopard print cardigan.

ps, Do you like it if I wrote more? Of course maybe I'll try to keep it more fashion-centric. But no promises.


if you are somewhere cold,
keep warm!
and look fabulous like bryanboy at the same time ;)

bryan of bryanboy

☾ Devendra ☆

there's something about devendra banhart
I've always liked beards
maybe it's something to do with myself having a furry face too
some men look so good with them
it's like an accessory in itself!


the ubiquitous litas that she pulls off so well!
she makes it absolutely her own..
and her hat!! it's kind of perfect. i have a hat collection too
pandas do wear hats. 

nadia of froufrouu

and here's a little something
one of the logo ideas for lovely aida of Certainly Obviously
have a look at the official facebook page for the final logo!
she sources and customizes really pretty clothes
i'm wondering what she has up her sleeves for her next collection!



love her hair and love her style
too bad i cut my hair shorter recently, 
but once it grows out, she shall be my inspiration.

drawing for 2011
have a merry new year!

lou doillon

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