clever play with transparent layers
what a great idea for the weather here!

Maria of vanilla scented
(i drew her before, here!)

the future

I admire her style so much!
She combines minimalism with a touch of avant garde so flawlessly.

josefin of fashion sphere

also, i've set up a new blog for my sketches,
they're mainly sketches of places around me.. random things that make me smile
random sketches when i'm waiting
random sketches when i'm thinking..

you can follow them here!


and i'm back!
here's a song i always go to, to make myself feel better

brussels was a really great two months
i have to start drawing drawing drawing again!
i'm going to set up a tumblr site for my random sketches
of life and what not..
will post the link soon!

and hello to my new followers! 
thank you for dropping by :)
i promise i will update this more often!


I am not dead yet.

Hello hello,

It's been awhile. I have been drawing, albeit slowly and non-fashion related. 
I have been travelling and I have been dreaming. I will be back soon, and I will post some stuff,
some personal drawings and sketches if you're interested
and of course, a fashion drawing or two.

But I will be back by the end of august. 
Sorry it's been awhile.


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