strange hat

i'm desperately looking for some sort of employment in brussels
so i could fund my internship at a museum i really want to work for
:( i haven't had any luck so far :(
i wish i knew how to speak dutch or french
that seems to be a main problem
i wish there was an official language in the world called art or music
it's kind of universal isn't it
and it's better for communication anyway
language is sometimes so inadequate
if only i knew what to say


when i saw this on lulu's blog i knew i had to draw it
this is the sexiest dress ever
it is perfect i want to wear it
it will be like, my dress of seduction (hehe).
it is from haider ackermann's spring 2011 collection!


bought new paper and new pencils
trying out something new


been in the pits lately..
i need something to happen in my life right now.

you turned your back

the haircut
the back chain
the freckles and moles
on the slope of his back

there's something about backs 
that is both romantic and tragic
i like a man with a nice back
i like a man who would not turn his back on me.


have you heard The Strokes' new album?

I like this song!


she makes me want to dig out my suspenders
and start wearing them again!

angelica of angelica blick


a little something

Kristin, Cindy, Lil Nguyen & Signe
I hope these drawings will make your day!

And thank you everyone for the nice comments x
If you have any questions for me, just leave a comment,
I'll reply in the comment section. :)


norma luisa f/w 11 12

chunky knits and long pleated skirts
makes me miss days where my knuckles are frozen
as i bicycle across canals
days were lighter then
despite the evening approaching ever so soon

but spring is almost here, i remember how it is like
almost magical
i miss it, i miss it so much
do we take things we have around us for granted
and only miss it when it's gone?

love ♡

Balmain f/w 11 12

I've realised that people come into your life for a reason
sometimes they're around to constantly remind you
of someone you can be
sometimes they come to help you to fulfill some aspect of your life
that has been inadequate or empty 
and sometimes they're just there to show you no matter who you are
they would love you and be there for you all the same.
and there are those who have done their part
and when it's time for them to go
we should accept their leaving
with grace.
and it's hard.. but there will always be others who are waiting to enter
others who will make your life that much more beautiful.

and i'd like to welcome two new friends into my heart


And yes, i am back. :)

short break.

Dear all,
thank you so much for all the compliments and comments.
I need to take a short hiatus from drawing
I'll be back with an exciting new project, a collaboration
but for now, 
there are lots of things
that needs figured out
i hope i'll find new strength new inspiration
i miss frida a lot
and i miss

how does one deal with loss
i started this blog for one
do we really lose things people feelings so easily
or are they just shoved to the back of our minds
and sometimes the smallest thing
can let it all out again
i'm sorry.
i'll be back.

ps, for those who have always wanted a drawing done of them,
i've received your requests, i've bookmarked your sites. if i can't find anything i want to draw of your outfits, i'll draw something you like from your blog and dedicate it to you. i'll be back with that too. i think everyone deserves to be happy.


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