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a really fun collaboration with FIVEFOOTWAY
an extremely well curated and well written online publication
i'll post this fashion related article when it's up!

i'm just too excited to share these drawings. (hope they don't mind!! sorry justin!)
thank you to those who have stuck around.. 
i saw some of your comments, it's very sweet :'(

this project, i started for fun..
having a boy or not shouldn't influence it!

it's funny it reminds me of my ex roommate in a'dam
she used to tell me having a lover is detrimental to one's creative impulses.

i'm just glad that it could move someone,
make a little difference, no matter how small.

that said..
my exciting news is that
i will be in amsterdam again!! finally!
it's for a quick trip.
will have to drop by gent too..

for some interviews and tests..

i'm a little nervous, but on the positive side,
at least i'll be back.
to visit old haunts, old friends
and be happy again.


another sunny day

dear all,
many things have happened since my last post.
i don't think anyone read this blog anymore!

but it's okay. briefly, the boy i used to love is no more.
i started this blog with him encouraging me all the time.
i was always talking to him while i drew.

i guess this made the blog pretty sentimental to me.
and i guess, life always happens.

it's annoying also that the shop i go to 
to buy these brush pens i make these drawings with,
they don't stock these particular pens anymore!
really need to search for a good alternative soon..

but you know how nothing quite replaces the first.
then again we tend to get nostalgic
and memory always reflects things in a sweeter light.


oh. my scanner is obviously too small.

here's a collab with the extremely beautiful fashion blog lil red dot folks !

so many fashionable people in singapore.

i'm really attracted to this man's sense of colour.

his bruises made of flowers

a fashion comic of sorts....

...and i am back!
let's weave flowers out of life's miseries.


rainy days.
my 11.11.11 has been quite dreadful.
and i found out a drawing of mine is missing.

days like these make me want to just hide
from the world.
but, i shall refrain from being overdramatic.
i remember reading a margaret atwood piece
about drawings and writings forming a tent
in which we could seek solace.

this is probably what i've always been doing.
there are times when it is not enough.

on to happier things!
i came back from a trip to hongkong recently.
I loved it! 
for the food and the shopping (of course)
and spending time with the boy..

the best part of the trip is finding things like these
in the midst of antiques and second hand paraphernalia
on an antique street near soho.
to be honest, i'm fascinated with shunga
of course the japanese art form ukiyo-e in general
is really inspiring.
but shunga, is really quite something...


here's an interview fever avenue did with me in october.
it's absolutely too kind. thank you tammi x

there's plans for an exhibition 
coming up real soon...!

i will keep you lovely people informed
once i get more details.

again, i will TRY to blog more
draw more
live a little better.


for you.


her hair is silver with
tints of lavender.
she has such a cool style
i'm positively in love!


i have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping
like a bear in hibernation.
i can't wait for wednesday
when i'll finally see the boy again.


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