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sometimes accessories can get too much
that i feel like a clothes hanger or a jewellery stand
she does it just right i think!
and i'm going to learn how to tie a turban like her!

i've been feeling a little listless..
times like these i miss frida the most
it hits the hardest when i'm lonely
she used to watch me draw and she would try
to put her paw into it and help me too!
without her, it feels quite empty. 
sometimes you just need someone something to draw for.

Aimee of song of style

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Glamour Bbey.

Such a great picture! I can't wait to see one of me :$


glamour bbey: i might i might. just keep posting when i like an outfit i'll definitely draw it!! :)


very nice drawing! love all the textures in it so much!!

xx, Sabinna und David


wow, I love your drawing! :)

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