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a ginger haired boy
for the chinese new year!
loving his parka and his doc martens

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Glamour Bbey.

That's beautiful!

Katie Reed

I decided I had to follow you, your work is stunning. I love that it's free and delicate, but still very detailed and accurate.



thank you both! you're all too kind xx


if only he was real;p
i was wondering! do you also speak dutch? because you lived here..and i'm speaking english al the time;p

x zoé


hehe how i wish he's real too! but hey, dutch guys are not so bad.. (a bit behind on fashion that's all.. :D)
and i don't speak dutch unfortunately! i've been trying to learn, but the boyfriend is unenthusiastic in teaching :P
i only know useless phrases like een biertje alstublieft.. and LEKKER!
maybe not so useless after all? haha


oh your boyfriend is dutch? where do you live now?
haha een biertje alstublieft is not that bad right the best sentence for random friday/saturday night! ;p


he's belgian.. and i live in singapore now :( which really sucks. i'm looking to go back to netherlands/belgium in the summer!

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