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same accessory
different looks

really love the tattered jeans in the first one
with the polka dot socks!
and the oversized cable knit sweater in the second one!

something i wonder,
if you have a boyfriend/guy friend/brother/dad, 
what would you steal from his wardrobe?

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I always steal my dad's socks!

GREAT drawings! (especially the second one mrrr) I'm more and more in love<3

Glamour Bbey.

Great drawings like usual! xx

Fashion Nicotine

You make cool drawings!!
I steal my bf's jeans blouse =D


i feel like a stalker commenting you all the time, but i have to say it these two are perfect! i think i need to find a real version of the last one;p


nurul farzleen

I'd steal my dad's collared shirts that he never wears. xx

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