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a talented girl who makes stuff!
really love her simple but stylish monochromatic dressing
and of course i'll always have a soft spot for dutch people!

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Why this soft spot for dutchies? ;)
Your drawings are so amazing!


thank you jantine!! :>
i like dutch people cuz i lived in amsterdam for awhile... ;)

crazy pig

Awesome! I love her blog :)
I would just like to tell you that I love what you do. YOur illustration style is amazing and unique... I wish there was more illustrators like this on blogs! :D


thanks a lot! you made my day!(:

x zoé
( i posted the picture: )


we just discovered your blog and we love it so much! u are very very talented! so we are definitely following u from now on :)
we really hope u want to follow us back! :)

xx, Sabinna and David

In a bed of Roses

You are great!

"this fashion lark."

Your drawing are INCREDIBLE, I am so following you x

DIY / The fashion building

You did a really nice job!


thank you everyone! really appreciate the nice comments! xx

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