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sorry everyone, been really busy with work
preparing for the grand opening of the singapore arts festival!
i got the chance to watch this production by ishinha, 
that had the most brilliant sets
built against the backdrop of the singapore skyline..

they timed the performance to coincide with dusk and when the sun started setting
and the sky was aglow
and the buildings began to lit up 
the performance started.
it was almost magical!
it almost.. just almost made me fall in love with this place...
but more often than not, it makes me think of where i want to be instead (haha)

i also had the chance of meeting HURTS again!
my first encounter with them was in a'dam, i drew theo too, here.
this time i got to talk to adam and theo for a bit.
adam was very nice, i like him :>

the exhibition at the pigeonhole is ending soon
so catch it while you can.
thank you so much to desiree for featuring my weekend on the strait times.
dankuwel :)

lots of things are ending soon,
my gig at the singapore arts fest for example..
with that, i hope new and good things
would begin.

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kristie s.

Hi, I just became a HUGE fan.
Inspired to "meet" you ^^
Definitely Followinggggg.
Huge fan.

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