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made another drawing of susie bubble again
because i really love this outfit of hers
all the patterns and the flowy pants
look like ink drops dancing in water
so nice!

started a job(yes like a respectable deskbound one) two days ago
and i'm so beat!
i hope i will continue to push myself to draw or paint
every day
as much as i want to be a "professional" artist
it is simply impossible here.
the other day i was walking to work and
i started having all these ideas for a comic
and i had all these images and colours in my head
i got really excited about it.. 
it was a dream of mine to publish my own graphic novel
alas, i never got to work on it....

i really really hope
one day i will get to draw and paint
and live off it.

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gorgeous drawing! especially the pants are great!

xx, Sabinna and David


your illustrations are great! keep it up.


Wonderful drawing. Love it.


WOW! Love it, amazing!

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