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sadness / happiness

recently i went to catch a lykke li gig!
she was amazing and she wore a really nice trench coat-dress.
i love this song of hers from her most recent album..


also, I had the honour of being featured on the August issue of  CATALOG magazine!
(check out page 44) 

i know i'm really late in posting about this.. 
busy panda busy zoo
my friend izzy is also on there and it's nice to be featured alongside her intricate embroideries!
i have a fondness for mix media works
so her talent in combining embroidery with fashion illustrations 
touches a soft spot in my panda heart~

the very very lovely elisa from We Are Drifters has also done a feature of me here!
now you know my human name.. but it's only a name
that which we call a rose
by any other panda would smell as sweet ;)
i'm a big fan of her beautifully designed and well-curated website of young artists,

finally, (i know this entry is getting looong),
the fashionable girls of pixiekrane did an interview with me here!
read the interview to find out about my artistic inspirations.
i made a visual mix tape with 
my favourite paintings, and music that goes along with them!

everyone has been really sweet
sweeter than sugar cane (do you know pandas eat sugar cane too?)
so there are more collaborations in the midst
i'll share the news soon..

meanwhile, sleep well and dress however you feel like it!


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