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clementine of clementine levy

love the polkadot shirt 
and the way she folded her cuffs over her leather jacket
and she has the loveliest face
i just had to draw her

the weather has been dreadfully hot
and uninspiring lately
i want to travel again!

but first, lots of work to do..
lots of paintings to complete.. 

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wow, u are really good! and also getting better and better!

xx, Sabinna and David

Judith Anna

Fantastic drawing again... still adore your work.
Ciao Bisou Anna

Sevilla, Gaston John

I love your style very much!


i really like your illustrations! :) artistic and yet realistic. picked up your exhibition brochure at The Pigeonhole and you bet that I'll be heading down for the exhibition when it opens! :)


really interesting!:))


really interesting!:))

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