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wild cat

Have you heard Ratatat's Wildcat?
It's pretty brilliant. They're fantastic live too!
And I believe leopard print when used discerningly, 
looks really good.
My friend and I have an inside joke about leopard prints..
something to do with fruits too
but of course I don't mean fruits like the edible sort but a metaphor for something else..
and again I'm digressing. 
I think I'm terrible at writing fashion related blurbs,
I end up talking about irrelevant and nonsensical things
that you readers might get pissed off.
So I apologise. 

I do own a leopard print cardigan.

ps, Do you like it if I wrote more? Of course maybe I'll try to keep it more fashion-centric. But no promises.

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Fashion Nicotine

You make cool illustrations!


saw your illustration on fashionsquad. amazing stuff!

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