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another sunny day

dear all,
many things have happened since my last post.
i don't think anyone read this blog anymore!

but it's okay. briefly, the boy i used to love is no more.
i started this blog with him encouraging me all the time.
i was always talking to him while i drew.

i guess this made the blog pretty sentimental to me.
and i guess, life always happens.

it's annoying also that the shop i go to 
to buy these brush pens i make these drawings with,
they don't stock these particular pens anymore!
really need to search for a good alternative soon..

but you know how nothing quite replaces the first.
then again we tend to get nostalgic
and memory always reflects things in a sweeter light.

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I actually quite love your drawings; your blog is bookmarked on my computer. I hope you'll keep the blog up when you feel like it as your art work is quite inspiring.


Hey there. Sorry to hear about the end of your relationship. I also wanted to give you a bit of encouragement myself. I love your illustrations and just discovered them through Veron Andre's Fillustrashion blog.

Now following you through Bloglovin'. Would love to have you as a follower too but only if you like what you see of course.


ohh i do hope that while that's discouraging; it won't stop you from drawing! i love your drawings & just found out about your site from CATALOG magazine. sincerely hope i'll be able to see more of your sketches! here's to finding those perfect pens again. & to finding that perfect boy who'll encourage you & inspire you more <3

Kalle Anka

So you are a girl looking for a girl in another word.


Hy ! Your artwork is great ! Love it !
Visit my sketch blog back ?

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